HELLO and WELCOME to edYOUcate! 

edYOUcate is the online resource created by Primo to ensure your residential experience is a stress free one.  Quite simply it's your 'Virtual Accommodation Handbook'. How cool is that!

Whether you want to refer to your contract, check how to report a repair, how many times we 'inspect' your room (and how much notice we give, so you can tidy up(lol)), how to pay your rent (yes, please!) - ALL the answers are here. 

Additionally, we've just upgraded edYOUcate to the latest version of Moodle. What this means is that, if you're out and about and have an accommodation problem, let's say you lose your keys (it does happen from time to time), you can easily find out how to get a new set (who to call, how long it will take and so on).

As well as accommodation specific information in the 'Your Living' section (your Induction), we've also included some information and resources to help you across all stages of the student lifecycle.

If you're an International Student, there are additional resources just for you, to help you settle into your new life here in the UK. We also have resources on here for 'Freshers'.  We understand - it's not easy leaving home for the first time.  Why not take a look at the 'Your Life' section.  Here you'll find lots of hints and tips to make moving away from home and coming to uni as simple as 'ABC'.

THANK YOU for choosing a PRIMO managed property as your ‘accommodation of choice’.  We hope you enjoy your time with us and that our accommodation facilities, including the social facilities, help you make life-long friendships. 

Primo's philosophy is to work in PARTNERSHIP with student tenants.  What this means is that our procedures (supported by ANUK National Code accreditation) help us deliver to you a positive 'residential experience' (our PROMISE).  Please take a little time to read the 'My Living' section prior to joining us so that you can settle in quickly and if you have an accommodation problem, it's clear what you need to do, in order that Primo can resolve it for you.

GOOD LUCK and please do ENJOY your time with us! 

From The Primo Team ( 24/7 Telephone contact number : 01204 360920)
Your Living (Induction)
Accommodation Information/Induction.  This section includes information on all the procedures in place to make living in a Primo managed property as stress free as possible.  Remember, we want to work with you - in PARTNERSHIP - to deliver a great residential experience (our PROMISE). By taking a little time to read this section, you're helping us deliver this to you. You'll be asked to read this section prior to moving in, as a form of induction.  Please do so, as it will really help you settle in. Additionally, all our contact details are in this section, so you'll always be able to get in touch with us. 
 Living at PRIMO

Your Learning
Links to academic skill development resources to support your development as an ‘independent learner’.

Your Learning

Your Life

The stereotypical image of students is that you're all having a fab time, with not a care in the world. Of course, you will be having a fab time, but from time to time issues occur and a little guidance would be useful. This section deals with managing your finances, healthy eating, making wise choices in terms of lifestyle and also support mechanisms out there you can call on, should you need to.

Your Future

Here you'll find Primo's FREE Graduate Guide 2014. It's never too early to start thinking about your future. All the skills, knowledge and experience you develop over the next few years will contribute to your future success.  If it's volunteering or work experience you're after, you'll find useful information and resources in this section.

Your Future


Links to support materials to help cope with the challenges of studying at a UK university and settling into life in a new country.

Moodle Help

Link to Moodle 'Help'

Moodle Help


Primo Logo

 PRIMO delivering a POSITIVE 'Residential Experience'
by working in 'PARTNERSHIP' with student tenants to deliver our 'PROMISE'

HEAD OFFICE - 01204 360920 (24/7 CONTACT NUMBER)


    Site news

    Picture of Ruby  Jones
    by Ruby Jones - Sunday, 8 February 2015, 11:26 PM

    Following student feedback, these posters were created by our marketing agency Absolute to ensure we get key messages across to make sure your experience of living with us is a good one.

    These posters will be rolled out across all our 8 buildings over the coming months. Take a look at some of them :



    Picture of Ruby  Jones
    Glasgow - Clyde House - Social Spaces
    by Ruby Jones - Sunday, 31 August 2014, 10:57 PM

    Clyde House saw its first residents checking in last Friday.  They have some fantastic social spaces - it promises to be a very sociable halls.

    Picture of Ruby  Jones
    by Ruby Jones - Friday, 29 August 2014, 9:12 AM

    Our first residents are moving into Clyde House, Glasgow TODAY :)  Exciting times ... just look at G|lasgow, photos of the development and new residents will follow